Yallourn North Park Hop

The Yallourn North Park Hop, hops through the history of Gippsland Creatures.gum tree, four parks, Kelso Road, Low Road, Anderson Road, Lions Park, Reserve St, Yallourn North

A park hop is a simple idea, see as many parks as possible.

The stories add extra mystery and help spur the children’s imaginations.

It is an interactive guided walking tour. Participation is encouraged through dancing, chanting and answering kids trivia questions.

Over an hour and a half, we tour through 4 parks in Yallourn North.

Kids will have an opportunity to play at the parks before we move on. This will be explained to the children at the start of the tour.

The tour has many stories about local creatures.

Some mythical, some real but all dinky-di Australian.

Well, all have strong Australian ties. Gippsland is an untapped treasure trove of stories and creatures.

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  • 1.5 hour walking tour
  • Guide entertains children
  • 4 parks to visit
  • Stories local to Gippsland
  • Dancing and chants
  • Best enjoyed by 5-10 years old

Booking information for Yallourn North Park Hop

The tour commences and finishes at Lions Park, Reserve St, Yallourn North


Family rates are available

(Tickets are $20 for a child, adults are free and 0-2 year olds are free)

Booking closes 2 hours before the tour commences

Children must have a guardian with them
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Play and hop through history with stories of Australian Creatures

Especially the ones stalking our lands 100 years ago.

We also cover some famous Australia legends. This tour covers stories about lions and tigers and drop bears.

Introducing kids to history in a fun way through Gippsland’s history with whacky creatures.

The park hop will take an hour and a half, we’ll start and end at Lions Park. A parent or guardian must attend with the child(ren). The tour path is pram friendly. Toilets are at Lions Park, along with BBQ’s, and parking.

Lions Park is next to the local fish and chip shop. Call Polly’s on (03) 5167 1789 to check that they’ll be open when you’re coming out.

20th September 2016 – Yallourn North Park Hop

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