20th September 2016 – Yallourn North Park Hop

The first Yallourn North Park Hop on the 20th of September 2016, was a perfect Spring day, in the September school holidays. Yallourn North’s birds were singing. We saw many. The flowers were blooming and bees were buzzing around them. The observant child said that it’s best to pick flowers during winter when the bees are less active.

We talked about crossing the road safely and put it into practice.

One of the kids loved the stories and wanted to know more, which is the biggest power station? Google knew it was Loy Yang Power Station B and we could see all 3 power stations from Anderson Park. The second stop on the tour, or rather hop.

The favourite park of the tour was Low Road, also known as Grader Park. One child maximised their time playing on the playgrounds, while the other child was immersed in the stories. It worked really well to have the two different types of kids with different interests on the same tour.

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