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A Haunted Hills Tours Ghost Tour is a guided walking tour.

Traralgon Ghost Tour 

Yallourn North Ghost Tour

Rosedale Ghost Tour

Features of our ghost tours

    • Guided walking tour
    • 1.5 hours
    • Locations that have experienced the paranormal before
    • Real local ghost stories
    • Historical locations

What you need to know when booking this tour

The tour starts from parks when you complete your booking you will be given details including a map, or the maps are available on each tours page.

The tours last for an hour and a half.

Tickets are $25, or $20 concession.


Deals for families:

2 adult, 2 children (or 1 adult, 3 children) $75.00

2 adult, 3 children (1 adult, 4 children) $85.00

Booking closes two hours before the tour commencing. book now

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The ghost tours go to public places people have experienced the paranormal before. With a tour guide who informs you of these experiences, the long forgotten secrets of the town. We currently have three towns where ghost tours operate. (Traralgon, Yallourn North, Rosedale)

Paranormal experiences aren’t guaranteed, we ensure participants will discover fascinating things about the towns
we visit. We love hearing people’s experiences and it’s awesome when people who attend confirm the stories. This is one of the ways we confirm that the stories are genuinely experienced past paranormal experiences.

We recommend you wear good walking shoes and bring a bottle of water.
Beware of the conditions of the day,please slip slop slap (protect yourself from the sun).
We provide lanterns or umbrellas if necessary.

Believing is not a requirement for enjoying the tours

Many people have attended our tours for a variety of reasons some have had experiences and are looking for more. Others enjoy the stories and ambiance of the walk. Each town is revealed in a different way through the ghosts that linger.

The towns we operate in:

Yallourn North (YNGT) is the first town we started the ghost tours. This tour also covers Yallourn as that in itself is a ghost, but also had some paranormal experiences. Then the bulk of the tour covers places in Yallourn North

including stories about haunted houses (for privacy reasons we don’t go to private residences that have had experiences). For more information on the Yallourn North Ghost Tour click here.

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Traralgon Ghost Tour (TGT) is our second tour, every time we had a tour, we got another story about Traralgon. So it grew out of that really quickly. There are 19 stories on the Traralgon Ghost Tour, and 8 potentially active places. For more information, you know what to do. (click)

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There are plans for more ghost tours, with more stories in the filing cabinets.

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