Rosedale Ghost Tour

The Rosedale Ghost Tour reveals true ghost stories from the area, including surrounding areas and towns.

The ghosts of Rosedale reveal more about the town, some are past residents.
Some are elemental spirits.
Join us for a guided walking tour back-in-time a chance to experience history, the paranormal and bizarre.

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Rosedale Ghost Tour features

  • Guided walking tour
  • 1.5 hours
  • Five locations that have experienced the paranormal before
  • 16 real local ghost stories
  • Historical locations

Tour details

Commencing from the Prince St Reserve at the Patrobas Statue

Duration: 1 hour and a half
Tickets $25 ($20 concession)

Deals for families:

2 adult, 2 children (or 1 adult, 3 children) $75.00

2 adult, 3 children (1 adult, 4 children) $85.00

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Rosedale’s spirits

White settlers started calling Rosedale home in 1844, well he was a Chinese man with poor eyesight also lived there for a time and it was also named after him, the creek today still bears his name Blind Joe. The name of Rosedale today is after Rosalie Dutton who’s family ran the station for a few short years and had to move on because it was such difficult conditions.
In the 1800s it was a described as a perilous 9-day horseback journey from Sydney.

When they arrived it didn’t get any easier, built right beside a flood plain. That would flood without notice. Even in summer water caused the land to be swampy. It was a drought. There were tensions between the original owners and the settlers. The settlers had guns, outmatching the Gunai-Kurnai people. Bushrangers were prowling on new settlers.

Death was a constant companion out here, in all manner of ways. Some spirits are peaceful but not willing to leave after all that work they did carving out their place in Rosedale, making it a home.

Maybe some of the spirits were always there, as elemental spirits that control the rocks, trees, water, and fire? Like gnomes and fairies. Discover the story on the Rosedale Ghost Tour.

We’re going to walk some of the places people have experienced the paranormal here.
Ghosts were people once, it’s fascinating to learn about how they lived what they did.
Ghosts give a glimpse into the lives of the regular people in these towns while discovering the disconcerting ways people discovered them.
The Rosedale Ghost Tour doesn’t require you to believe in ghosts.
This walking tour takes one and a half hours, attending some places that have been active before.
We walk for about five-minute intervals between stories.

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