Celebrating Halloween

celebrating halloween
Halloween is an event that falls on the 31st of October, the name comes from combining the phrase “All Hallows Eve”, the night before All Saints (Hallows) Day.

That is the only thing that is absolutely certain about Halloween because it has histories that have been written to challenge the pagan culture. With Colonisation when the Church conquered along with Britain, they would Christianise the festivals and customs of the locals to bring the cultures closer together (another example is the ‘Day of the Dead’). Or alienate people they considered too far from the values they wanted, like witches.

The ancient Celts, on Samhain (Sow-en) asked for favour over their upcoming harvests. The celebration started at sunset on the 31st of October and goes through until 1st of November. They celebrated by wearing meaningful costumes and dancing around a bonfire.

Some Christians say Halloween is the most Satanic festival of the year and believe those who celebrate it are worshiping the devil. This has inspired a whole range of horror-themed Halloween ideas, which are a lot of fun to watch.

In Australia, Halloween is a relatively new widespread celebration. Some Australians may see it as a fun idea to dress up, eat lollies and have a party… Others might not get quite into the spirit of things or refuse to celebrate as it’s not a part of our culture.

Do you love Halloween for the ability to pull out the pumpkin recipes and make soup, pumpkin pie, and stock the freezer with comfort food for the cooler days ahead? Or do you celebrate Samhain?

Examples of Halloween costumes:

Some Halloween decorations: