Indonesian Walking Dead

This video  went viral as you’d expect, with proof of zombies. It appears the mummy is in motion.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about living mummies.



The rumours as you can imagine, with the wonderful invention of the internet, went wild. One of the theories was that the corpses are reanimated by black magic, helping walk to their final resting place – high in limestone caves. Believed if someone points at the corpse it will fall to the ground unable to finish the journey.

A tiny insight into some of the customs of Toraja, Indonesia

It’s a partial truth. The truth is a lot of the Torajan deceased are buried in caves, high in the mountains, and the photo and video aren’t fakes, but they’re also not of reanimated corpses. The dead embalmed in their home, remain until the funeral season, the dry season, which is July to September. In life, the people of Toraja, a largely Christian population save and plan for their final home. Wealth is directed to creating the home they will live in the longest  – the limestone cave in the mountain above their living homes.

Funerals in Toraja are a massive celebration not unlike the day of the dead (Mexican festival) however this celebration with singing, dancing and celebrating the life of the deceased – with their embalmed body present. Family members assist their deceased loved ones walk to their burial place.

The corpses are walked in straight lines for ensuring safe passage to their afterlife on the way to the final resting place of their body. The Torajan people believe their ancestors walked downstairs from heaven and that the staircase has since been removed so they found the next best thing. The family members literally walk their dead to their final home.

That’s not the end of Toraja’s burial custom. After mummies are washed in August they’re walked in straight lines and returned to their final home. Some mummies walk as far to their village of origin to ensure their continued peaceful rest because disconnection from the village may cause them unrest.

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