Review: American Ghost Hunter

American Ghost Hunter
American Ghost Hunter is a Chad Calek film about ghost hunting, whose storyline is exceptional and true.

A mystery is presented. The film opens in with an interview in a motel, setting the scene perfectly. The entire Calek family experiences poltergeist activity in their home in Persia, Iowa. It is where Chad’s search commences. The answers aren’t quickly found, there are many avenues explored for an explanation.

The story telling is high grade, using all the elements of film presenting the Calek’s family experiences. Chad Calek was 12 years old when he had his first series of paranormal experiences. This experience and subsequent experiences led Chad to create this movie (and a number of TV shows), in an attempt to uncover the mysteries of his past and find some closure.

There is lots of unexplained phenomenon as you’d expect in a ghost hunting movie. There are the haunting stories behind the locations that are as fascinating as the unexplained phenomenon.

This is a documentary, it has excellent pace, it engages the emotions. The story telling has you ride, hunt and feel with Chad. It is a reality based documentary, and has those real life honest and confronting moments all packaged well inside the over arching story.

American Ghost Hunter is Chad Calek’s passionate and powerful journey uncovering the secrets of the paranormal. This movie is a labour of love, watching that is something I’m sure everyone can take away with them as the credits roll (and possibly tears roll).

This story haunts me and for that and all the reasons above this is 5 out of 5 haunted hills.


Korumburra paratour premiere

I watched this movie at the AGH Television premiere at Coal Creek Korumburra on the 07.06.15 where, Chad, Justin and Joey were there and able to ask questions. It was a great experience to see the passion and how brave it was to ever tell this story. If you’re interested in film making and creating documentaries, I’d highly recommend attending as well.

You can see it or order it through AGH Television:

They’ll be paratouring in 2016, I’d highly recommend it.

(This is an unsolicited review.)