Review: Blood Red Sky

I would recommend watching this after American Ghost Hunter, as it is kind of the sequel in a very loose interpretation. It is chronologically how the films were made.

Blood Red Sky opens with exploring bizarre events that occurred all over the world in the lead up to the 21st of September 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar (yet not civilisation). The premise of this film fascinated and thrilled me. The movie poses the questions: Do we affect our surroundings and get what we expect out of it? basically.

This film was predominately shot at Chillingham Castle in England reportedly the most haunted destination on earth. This film also contains one of the best pieces of paranormal evidence Chad Calek (director) has ever captured. Again there is ghost hunting, there is unexplained phenomenon.

Inside all that there is this experiment taking place to test the premise of the movie. It is once again fascinating story telling.

Some of this movie was hard watching, and different people find it so, for different reasons. There is footage of medical procedures (that I can never watch not even simulated medical procedures.) The reasoning behind this imagery is fascinating, and if you can stomach it, they are in the DVD extras, however after watching the entire DVD only one person wanted to see that footage in full.

Chad calls this movie our story, and it is, our story. Again it is passionate, brave and there is a sense of resolution… Presented in a well paced documentary style.

This movie was enjoyable and good, I think it achieved the objective and it haunts me therefore a score 4.5 haunted hills out of 5.

* I watched this movie at the AGH television event at Coal Creek Korumburra on the 07.06.15, it was a great night. I’d highly recommend attending next years.

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