Yallourn North History Tour

The Yallourn North history tour called the People of Yallourn North tour walks past the beautiful Yallourn North views while sharing about the lives of those who lived there.

An historical walk with us reveals historical locations and stories of those who lived and used the places.

Participants will learn about this often misunderstood town. One misunderstanding is that it was created after Yallourn. (Or as a result of the demolishment of the township.)

Yallourn North, from 1917 – 1950 was called the Brown Coal Mine. People lived in the area prior to this date and they called it The Hill.  The first known resident lived there as early as 1884. This historic town is filled with colourful stories.

On the People of Yallourn North tour, you’ll hear about the historical butcher, baker, but no candlestick maker.

A doctor with extraordinary healing ability.

A couple of everyday heroes, and others.

The places the tour route goes through reveals places and how the people used them.
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Features of the People of Yallourn North

  • 1.5 hour guided historical tour
  • Yallourn North’s history
  • Heroes, pioneers and the everyday people
  • Historical content

Information about this tour

People of Yallourn North starts and finishes at Lions Park, Yallourn North on Reserve St.

Tickets are $25, or $20 concession.

Family rates are available

Deals for families:

2 adult, 2 children (or 1 adult, 3 children) $75.00

2 adult, 3 children (1 adult, 4 children) $85.00

Booking closes two hours before the tour commencing.

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We recommend you wear good walking shoes and bring a bottle of water.
Beware of the conditions of the day,please slip slop slap (protect yourself from the sun).
We provide lanterns or umbrellas if necessary.

More information about the Yallourn North history tour

As the tour focuses on people it is chockful of personalities, who have passed through the town at different periods.

These stories all add to the complex tapestry that is Yallourn North’s history and its people.

The People of Yallourn North tour is a guided location-based biographical walking tour of Yallourn North.

Sharing some of the stories about the pioneers and people of Yallourn North.

It’s a historical tour, using the lives of the people who lived in Yallourn North giving further insight into the history of the area.

Haunted Hills Tours continues with story based tourism adding our third tour to Yallourn North; the Old Brown Coal Mine township.

This is a testament to the great interest and support of the locals, especially those who shared their stories and families with us.

Most history tours tell the story of the buildings and powerful.

We tell the story about the everyday people behind different locations around Yallourn North.

For it is these people who make a town.

We’re not leaving the people of Yallourn North as names in the family tree at the start of family bibles.

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