Crime in the Brown Coal Mine

Crime in the Brown Coal Mine is an interactive guided walking tour of Yallourn North. This tour of Yallourn North connects its modern face to the past. While interlinking stories from the Haunted Hills and Yallourn. Participants play judge and jury. The guide reveals how the past dealt with the crimes. This tour covers mysterious and unsolved crimes. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, from funny to heartbreaking or shocking.

Yallourn North had a wide variety of criminals, many are unknown. Some were more akin to slapstick comedians. Others were not as funny and there were some serious criminals. No Brown Coal Mine citizens ever received a death sentence, although others may think differently.

Rumour has it some of the Kelly gang spent time in the hills around Yallourn North while hiding from the police. The walking tour will take you to Yallourn North’s historical law and order locations.

We’ll journey through the criminal history, and end with crimes from the Haunted Hills. Many people say that the legend of the Haunted Hills was started by sly grog traders and other criminals who wanted to be left in peace…


Join the crime tour to discover that story of the Haunted Hills then the Yallourn North ghost tour to compare and decide for yourself.

Read about the history of the Brown Coal Mine here. Crimes from Yallourn and the Haunted Hills are also covered.

There are many skeletons to unearth during this 1 hour and a half tour. commencing from Lions Park in Yallourn North.

Commencing from Lions Park in Yallourn North.

Bookings close 2 hours before the tour starts

Tickets: $25 ($20 concession)

Family rates available.

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