16. Mallacoota History – A small town in Victoria Australia

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This event is running from 27 September 2020 until 31 March 2030. It is next occurring on March 31, 2030 4:30 pm

Let’s meet Mallacoota’s gardener, farmer and surveyor.
The Lighthouse keepers, fisherman and postmistress. 
Mallacoota Victoria, in East Gippsland, is a wilderness village retreat at the eastern edge of the Croajingolong National Park a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The sunrises over the Mallacoota Inlet which is guarded by a sand bar.

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Join us on Patreon for an episode about the Gentlemanly Bushranger, is that an oxymoron or what? We discuss that. A coin counterfeiter, which feels like he kept copying himself over and over, did he ever get it right? Another is of a tragic architect, how does one fall from such an esteemed position to die as a footnote of his apprentice’s story? What brings a policeman, mailman and publican together in one episode? It’s murder. The Shady Creek Murder. I have also become obsessed with the small ghost of Yallourn, Victoria. It fuelled the majority of the power industry in Gippsland. There is an hour and a half on the bushfire and subsequent 1944 Royal Commission, with more episodes coming about the SEC and Yallourn.

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