19. Walhalla Crime Episode

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This event is running from 8 November 2020 until 30 November 2030. It is next occurring on November 30, 2030 10:00 am

Join Haunted Hills Host Tegan and Patron Mick W from Latrobe Valley Paranormal Detectives as they discuss the cases, what they think should have happened and reactions to the outcomes as they explore Walhalla’s criminal past.

Did bushrangers ever roll the gold as it moved toward Melbourne? Did felonies centre around the mining? Was gold the motive for murder? Did having so much gold around change the offences committed? Did the gold rushes bring in nefarious characters who brought the transgressions in?
Hear about the crimes committed when the State of Victoria thought lunacy was a crime. Stealing, larceny, attempted murder and the age-old domestic violence.
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