Share your family story for 17. Mallacoota History

21. Morwell History

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This event is running from 6 December 2020 until 23 December 2030. It is next occurring on December 6, 2020 9:00 pm

Research for Episode 21. Morwell History is occurring if you would like to share your story or family story this would be greatly appreciated.

We use the internet, astral plane and anecdotal stories to create our stories. If you want to immortalise your families story send it in. Share your genealogy research more widely and with the current, past and future residents of your small town. There may even be people who are interested in small towns listening. Even if you just write a skeleton of the facts, with your primary story.

You can leave your story via spoken word or written word.

    Please add location, town, state, country.

    The date listed below is the expected publication date on podcast platforms and will be available here in this link.

    If you’d like to listen to our previous history stories and how we have told other families stories.

    All we need for creating great stories is an internet connection, astral plane and you!

    Share your story with Haunted Hills

    Past historical stories written you can read here.

    If you would like extra content already posted you can find that on Patreon.

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