24. History of Rosewell New Mexico

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This event is running from 17 January 2021 until 31 August 2031. It is next occurring on August 31, 2031

Here is the image of the Spencer Seedless Apple from the 1906 articles.

A social history of Roswell New Mexico. You might know this infamous small town as the place aliens crashed (well it was at Corona…) anyway this episode isn’t that one – yet.
As always we’re going to met the Butcher, Baker and candlestick maker of Roswell – only the people were pilots, cattle ranchers, telephone company employees and apple growers. Which you might notice are some of the elements involved in the Roswell Incident – but not these people. On Patreon or Eventbrite you can join us to discuss the People of the Roswell Incident on the 30 January 2021 and see if we can uncover the truth.
I originally recorded this with Brenden from Master Talk YouTube however there were technical difficulties on my end of the recording. It was a great chat, and he was so insightful and thoughtful.  He also gave me pointers to re-record the intro. I can still put the original at the end for you to decide a comparison, although you won’t hear Brendan.
Join us for live discussion in upcoming episodes for $16.91 you can join in the conversation.

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References for Roswell History episode

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