Patreon only episode: 8b Traralgon History continued

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Episode 8b continues on from the Traralgon episode 8. As with all good historical tales, you might meet the accountant, doctor and blacksmiths a nurse, soldiers, mechanic and car dealer.
I like to focus on the people because the town creates commonality between the people,
building relationships through the need for products, services and industry.
The people make the town. 
Traralgon started as a roadside hamlet many of these types of towns do not exist today.
So what separated Traralgon from the rest?
The creation with energy,
perseverance and pluck.
A prosperous planned out town,
 while it’s not a garden city design,
 there are many green spaces in Traralgon.
Even though they cleared it entirely,
diversifying their service sector to meet the needs of farmers.
 These people wanted to dwell in the village while having some flexibility to respond to the changing times around them.
 The train line helped them obtain supplies assisting in the growth of the town after 1879.

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