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1. Haunted Hills Episode

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This event is running from 1 March 2020 until 28 February 2026. It is next occurring on February 28, 2026

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All we need for creating great stories like this is an internet connection, astral plane and you!

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Listen to the story of Haunted Hills where hills reverberate with the sound of stampeding cattle which is heard today. In the past, it upset drovers who chased cows as they scattered in these hills when they thick dense Australian Bush. Why does this sound occur? Mystery, Geological, Criminal or Paranormal?

The Haunted Hills was also a small town with a big story, today it is a ghost town. There is no evidence it existed on the land. The podcast will cover the history, crimes and ghosts of the Haunted Hills. It’s such an inspirational name we named ourselves after the hills. Some people think the reason the hills rumbled was because of the criminals… others say it is the geology, caves or underground rivers or just the coal it’s self. We investigate all this and more in the podcast.

While you can enjoy the podcast where ever you are – Patreon’s get to participate. Sharing their thoughts, and play the judge and jury. I enjoyed the conversations from what people would say when I ran tours. It’s fascinating to see how social and judicial changes have occurred over time. Plus a fun way for Patreon’s to get a shout out and be part of the podcast.

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The ghost stories are usually anecdotal from people I met on tours or along the way, including psychics, however some of the stories I have found through research.

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