Take a virtual or self-guided Ghost Tour of the Brown Coal Mine

Ghost tour of the Brown Coal Mine virtually or self-guided

Make the most of your ghost tour Brown Coal Mine.

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Many of the locations you need for this do not exist. Still, we have done our best to find the locations so if it is not, a 200-foot drop into a coal mine or private property, you can check it out. Alternatively, this post can help you take a virtual ghost tour in the Brown Coal Mine.

If you want to explore the real-life location it is now called Yallourn North Victoria, located in the hills of Gippsland 10 minutes detour from the Princes Highway. There is a lot to do in the township and surrounding areas.

Latrobe River Road – also known as Pony Club Road

Reportedly Haunted Location

The first location discussed in the episode is on Latrobe River Road it is opposite the Skate Park off Reserve Street.

The location of the haunting there is roughly around this geocode location. -38.161813, 146.358784

This was not a place on the Haunted Hills Tour Yallourn North Ghost Tour, the story was told from the parking lot of the Yallourn North Bowling Club, due to time and safety constraints. There are no lights down there at night and no paths beside the road, and a very steep embankment if one was to take a short cut.

Yallourn North Skate Park and BMX track

Reportedly Haunted Location

Brown Coal Mine Skate Park


Looking at this Reserve Street location it doesn’t look like a haunted location. However, this was not always a skate park and BMX track. Historically it was the North Camp house many men and some married people. While we did attend this location on tour after dark. I had not obtained any images that may be evidence of ghostly apparitions or presence. If you have any we would love to see them.

The Road to Nowhere

Reportedly Haunted Location
  • Directions to the road to nowhere: cross the road, walk down to the left you’ll find the road to nowhere. If you can’t walk over uneven surfaces, people do drive cars down there, and it’s wide enough to fit it, you’ll see tire marks, there might even be a truck there. (Geo code, longitude-latitude, -38.164248, 146.365979)
  • You only need to cross Third Street, Yallourn North to get to the road to nowhere. The road to nowhere is where Shop Street, Main Road and Second Street were. Very few trees were in the central part of town. This is the ghost town section.
A tri-orb, some readings of this has said it was an angel or positive spirit.
This is on the the road to nowhere in Yallourn North

School Ave, near the Pool

Reportedly haunted location

This is the drifter ghost that followed the tour for three locations on Yallourn North Ghost Tour

The photo with Tegan, the ghost whisperer in it, is on North Road, at a park.

Corner of East and High Street, Yallourn North

An apparition appeared.

The Park at the corner of Low and High Street, Yallourn North

May have a haunting there.

North Road, Yallourn North

Reportedly haunted location

You don’t need to go into properties if spirits want to commune with you. They are small-town folk in their afterlife and will come to you and walk with you. Take a walk up North Road. Watch the street lights. Pay attention and you just might get joined by someone.

St. Bridgets Catholic Church

catholic church, small town church, green roof

Reportedly Haunted Location

Again respect the property. The gate is closed when there are not services. So stay on the outside of the fence. However, listen and watch for the priest. He wants to say hi! He will come to you.

Can you see a mist forming in front of the tree spotted on the Yallourn North Ghost Tour

Lake Narracan –

reportedly haunted location

It’s down near the Halls Bay end but very challenging to get there. I would not recommend going. However, apparitions are seen at Lake Narracan due to the high number of deaths of in the Latrobe River and Lake.

Halls Bay is the Yallourn Northside, accessible from Howletts Road – near the water skiing club. The incidents occurred further down the river towards Yallourn.

On the other side of the Lake are plaques and memorials.

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