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Selena Gomez on the Jimmy Fallon Show said: “I believe that Spirits can tap into technology, why not?” While Jimmy wasn’t convinced, Selena is not alone in her belief of Spirits and high tech. Technological failures is a commonly reported experience with the Haunted Hills in Gippsland.

Experiences of intervention with ghosts and technology

A local woman who lived in the Haunted Hills who experienced the galloping sound, also reported as a rumbling sound, had run to the location finding nothing. She told me that at 18 years old, she used a spirit board with her friend. They asked for a sign the response they received was a name of a man she’d known from school. As the wood block passed over the last letter, her phone rang and the caller ID on the screen said it was her boyfriend. It stopped ringing, no message came up nor a missed call notification. The phone didn’t record a call had occurred at all. She called her boyfriend who said he had not called.
ghost technologyThey continued speaking to the spirit on the other end of the spirit board, later on, she looked up the name of the person. Pulling out the white pages she called the first name listed, an old man answered and said he was who she wanted. She asked if he had a son, he said he did, putting him on the phone it was the man she’d known from school. He agreed to meet her.

She drove to meet him and her phone and for the hour drive her car played up. He was there at the cafe; they talked for a bit, and the encounter was weird. It became weirder when with their phones on the table – his phone called her phone. They both saw it, and it freaked him out to the point he left the restaurant.


A second ghostly experience with an answering machine

Not many people have answering machines, and home phones still connect but at the start of 2016 another person contacted me with a story that had just occurred, that was quite disturbing. The phone rang, the answering machine caught it before anyone in the household could answer it. A person speaking in a foreign language was leaving a message. That was strange enough as this family doesn’t speak another language than English.

They wanted to re-listen to the message, and went over to the answering machine after the message ended, to find the message hadn’t recorded on the answering machine. There was tape; they tested it by calling it and leaving a message from their mobile phone. The answering machine worked perfectly then.

Types of technology people use to confirm ghosts:

Spirit boards are a simple type of technology that has allowed people to commune with other side the spirits guiding the block of wood.

Since we’ve been photographing, ghosts have been trying to reveal themselves on film.  There have also been some famous hoaxes like the ghost of Abraham Lincoln behind his wife. Verifying ghost photos is quite involved.

Since we’ve had telephones, spirits have been reportedly trying to get in contact.

Now with computers are they still getting in contact?

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This post was written by Tegan Dawson