Ghosts orders take away in Hong Kong

On a guided walking, ghost tour in a Traralgon, I had the pleasure of some lovely women who had Asian heritage, they were fascinated about the local culture through the lens of our ghost stories and connect with the spiritual. Along the way, they shared this amazing story about ghosts that order takes away. I wanted to share with you. Also, they were able to witness the shedding of the fascinating cotton tree in Traralgon.

The ghosts orders take away in Hong Kong:

In 1953, a take-out shop was delivering food. However, the delivery drivers would come back with one order paid with “ghost money.” In Hong Kong, when people die the family and friends burn fake money in honour of the deceased, and it was this money that was found by the owner when reconciling the till at night.

It happened on three occasions, the owner had warned the delivery drivers the first time, and everyone was confident they were bringing back real money. The owner started checking the delivery drivers as they returned to the shop. This process helped the owner narrow down the house giving them the ghost money.

In talking to the person doing the delivery, they said, one of the houses they told to leave the food on the porch and the money came through under the door. And because the delivery person checked the money extra carefully, however, believed the money was kosher.

A lady across the street from this house was kept awake by the group playing mahjong at all hours. Finally, she had enough and called the police. Who went to investigate, however, nobody answered the door.  When the police received the call about the fraud, they entered the property after nobody answered the door, the previous times they went.

The police found four bodies seated around the table and determined they had been dead for three days. But the food in their stomachs was 12 hours old. The ghosts had orders Hong Kong take away.

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This post was written by Tegan Dawson