Gippsland’s Stories

Gippsland has many stories, possibly because it covers most of Eastern Victoria from the Baw Baw Shire, all the way to Mallacoota.

That’s 452 kilometres; the first 100 kilometres are well populated. Where people are stories follow.

Unfortunately, the sheer size hides these stories, we want to bring these to you, making it easy for finding great Gippsland Stories.

Gippsland was named after the New South Wales Governor Gipps, because he sent the explorers down through the Great Dividing Range, to see what was on the other side.

Gippsland has over 274, 000 residents Latrobe City Council is home to 45% of these residents.

Gippsland’s Stories by John Wells

John Wells is Gippslander through and through, he has fallen in love with the history and this is apparent in these three books he has written in honour of Gippsland and the people who lived here. These books are set out well and easy to read in a burst or a binge.

colourful tales of Old Gippsland, John Wells, Gippsland Stories,








A biography of a Gippsland photojournalist.

J P Campbell, Book cover, war picture, photo journalist, photographer







J P Campbell’s fascinating life from meeting Sir John Monash to going to war at Gallipoli and Toongabbie are all encapsulated in the pages of this book by Alan Harding.

 Black Swan, Eileen Harrison, Gippsland StoriesBlack Swan (Koorie Woman’s Life)

Black Swan is Eileen Harrison story. Starting out life at Lake Tyers across to the west of Victoria and now living in West Gippsland.  She is an accomplished artist who has embarked on an amazing personal journey with such grace. Recently she was awarded a doctorate from Federation University. This is an inspirational story.


Between the Dances

Sifting through 300 women’s stories South Gippsland writer Jacqueline Quinn captures the changes for women in Australia at this historical fixed point in time where so much changed…





Margaret Osborn shares Gippsland through romance stories

Her love of country life is evident.

Where to see Lyrebirds, Gippsland stories,

South Gippsland had been known as the Land of the Lyrebird. This book reveals their locations.




Hunting Taylor Brown by Newborough local Rhys Hagan. He works making paper during the day and fills the pages at a rate of 500 words a night. Shortlisted for 2017 New York Book Festival.
An Adult mystery, inspired by James Patterson and ‘True Detective’ TV show.


Great Gippsland Mysteries 



These are true Gippsland mysteries from UFO’s, cryptoids, ghosts, disappearances and more.

A Haunted Hills Tours review.