Crystal Gallagher – Latrobe Valley author

crystalgallagherCrystal Gallagher inspired by her 25-year connection to Traralgon created a four-part book paranormal mystery series set in T-town. It features UFO’s, government conspiracies. Crystal started the Traralgon Tales under a pseudonym Crystal Gables, she has recently rebranded to her name.

Crystal has seen UFOs in the Traralgon area, she is not alone. Her experiences have mainly occurred in the Hazelwood Road area. Crystal has concluded, “Traralgon is far less dull than is believed.” Through her stories, she shows this to be true. The Traralgon Railway Reserve at the top end of Francis Street is her favourite place. It’s a peaceful beautiful spot great for walking or writing.

Having written a few paranormal mysteries series, she believes along with Garth Marenghi, “If you think paranormal mysteries are dead, then you’re dead. You’re dead inside.”

Crystal has also written a series about witch detectives also set in Traralgon and a stand alone book about psychic cats set in Sydney.


Crystal is currently working on the Lana Pink mysteries

She is currently working on ‘a Lana Pink series’ set in a Utopian Traralgon – Tree Valley. It’s coming together so well, we can’t wait until it’s available for reading on Kindle. Follow her progress on her website.

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