GreenUp Box

Save the planet get plastic rehab

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For North America

The GreenUp Box is a way to help save the planet one month at a time. Each box contains supplies which reduce your carbon footprint. No plastic, you can get vegan or beegan (products using bees) products. Below is a picture of what you could expect in the Plastic Rehab Box.

Replace plastic with bamboo

Don’t give up body wash – just the bottle

Enjoy Earth Suds. 9 foaming body wash tablets.

Cotton based products

A shopping bag, to place items in. Produce bag for getting fruits and veggies. A wax cotton bag to take to the bakery with you. The bamboo straws in a cotton pouch!

Reduce, Reuse and simplify

Each month GreenUp sends you products and tips on how to reduce, reuse and simplify!