Book Review: Great Gippsland Mysteries

great-gippsland-mysteriesGrant Robinson a local Gippsland resident wrote Great Gippsland Mysteries published in 2014.

This book came out of an experience Grant had when he was 11 (you’ll have to read the book to find out) that led him to a lifelong journey, that includes a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Diploma of Education and interest in the paranormal especially local experiences.

Gippsland’s Cryptoids

The book opens looking at Cryptoids or mysterious and rare creatures. Grant takes a chronological and evidence-based approach to explore these issues, he uses first-person accounts. It shapes a fascinating tale, some of the stories you may have known. This section of the book covers ‘The Wonthaggi Monster’, ‘Yarram Elephant’, and ‘Gunyah Lion’ (which I call the Gippsland Lion). The second chapter is devoted to big cats and the sightings of those all over Gippsland.

Grant follows the recent sightings of these creatures and as much information as there is about them.


UFO Latrobe Valley, Flying saucers, unidentified flying object, foo fighterGippsland’s UFOs

Chapter three is massive and spans from 1909 to 2009 with sightings of UFO’s, stories of abductions, disappearances, missing time and pictures. He also covers a case of an Unidentified Sunken Object (USO) as well. There is a first-hand account it’s fascinating and packaged well within the book.

Gippsland’s ghosts and hauntings

The book covers Gippsland’s ghost and haunting in part but one of the things I love about what Grant writes is later when he gives his summary explanation of these things. And says:

I believe I am one of the fortunate people to have literally touched the afterlife.

I love the way he has phrased that, and it gives an insight into the positive feelings he has about the paranormal.

The book also covers, mysterious deaths, lost treasure, shipwrecks and more!

You can purchase Great Gippsland Mysteries from most bookshops across Gippsland.

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