Gippsland Immigration park – Kernot Lake

gippsland-immigration-parkFishing and other things to do at Gippsland Immigration Park – Kernot Lake.

Technically the reserve is called Gippsland Immigration Park – Kernot Lake is another common name. The Gippsland Heritage walk was added in 2015.

Walking around Kernot Lake reveals Gippsland’s Heritage in 12 stages of information.


Map of Gippsland Immigration Park – Kernot Lake

rose-garden-kernot-lake-town-commons-or-pirate-park_23876678899_oPicnic areas and BBQ

There are two areas with seats and Barbecues, both overing different advantages, the ones further away from the play equipment are closer to the toilets, and flat grass for the imagination to take flight.


A fenced in Playground near the immigration wall and yet another Barbecue area rose-garden-kernot-lake-town-commons-or-pirate-park_23617693813_ois a great place for kids to run off some energy while waiting for dinner.

Fishing at Kernot Lake

This mman-made lake is stocked with Redfin, Rainbow Trout.  Eels, Carp and Goldfish occur naturally. – catch them before the ducks do. (Waterhole creek also has yabbies and eels for the catching.)

immigration-port-at-gippsland-immigration-park-kernot-lake-in-the-foreground gippsland immigration park - kernot lakeImmigration tribute

A dock with a sound shelter protruding the banks of the Lake acting as a symbolic port like many of our arrivals to Gippsland. There you will find the immigrant history of Morwell and the Latrobe Valley especially the generous intake after World War II on a wall. There is a statue of the migrant standing looking hopeful towards the town. Immigrants can still apply to have their names added to the granite walls.

The Immigration Wall of Recognition won the 2008 Victorian Regional Award for ‘Heritage & Culture’ under the Sustainable Communities  – Tidy Towns competition. It certainly is a place to be proud. 

Many of Latrobe City’s multicultural events take place here.

morwell-bridge-school-historical-morwellPhotogenic views

It’s pretty photogenic, Morwell looks amazing from this vantage point. In fact if you’re at MidValley its a short walk west (on the otherside of Bunnings – past the units) to enjoy your meal in the sunshine.

Historic remnants at Gippsland Immigration Park – Kernot Lake

The bridge and sign to Morwel Bridge School over Waterhole Creek are found on these grounds, near station 10 of the Gippsland Heritage Walk.

picnic-area-donated-by-the-lions-club-at-gippsland-immigration-parkFacilities at Immigration Park

Toilets and baby change facilities are available during the day up near the hall.

Picnic tables and seats with free barbecues

Kernot Hall (requires hiring)




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