Latrobe Valley Galleries

The Latrobe Valley, located one hour and forty minutes down the Princes Freeway from Melbourne are filled with galleries. There are many artists pouring out their souls on to a variety of mediums. Every year Open Studios opens the private workspaces of these artists, this is a great initiative, getting to see into the process of the artists.

Below are the Latrobe Valley galleries open all year round.


The Latrobe Regional GalleryLatrobe Regional Gallery

Commercial Road, Morwell
The Latrobe City Council run public gallery brings famous works to our regional area. Located in Commercial Road, a short walk from the Rose Garden, the gallery has 6 galleries. They have regular events and can be a source of information on more things to do in the Latrobe Valley. The building was originally the shire offices and town hall. (Free)

Morwell Art and Framing

49 Chickerall Street
This is an arts and crafts shop, along with framing, the have a gallery on the second level of their store where you can admire artworks mostly framed works, to inspire yourself in your own art or bask in the creativity of others. (Normal business hours)

Morwell Art HouseArt House Morwell

Commercial Road, Morwell

This is an eclectic shop, another treasure trove, featuring retro artefacts, artworks and books. Plus awesome tights. It’s a place to lose yourself in. (See more of Morwell)

BNYM Indigenous Designs

41 Tarwin St, Morwell
This gallery features fine handcrafted works such as painted pottery and ceramics with Australian Indigenous designs. (9:30-5pm Mon-Fri)

Yinnar’s Arc GalleryLatrobe Valley Galleries

Main St, Yinnar
An artist-run gallery showcasing many different artists with a large room filled with paintings, charcoals, drawings and hangings. Most of the artists are local, the art here is available for purchase. They regularly feature one artist’s work in their smaller gallery, utilising the old butter factories space very well. (Open from 12pm to 4pm ) (Gold coin donation). (See more of Yinnar here).

 Learn more about the Latrobe Valley

Art -FX Sharon Anderson Studio and Gallery.

Rutherglen Road, Newborough
Sharon Anderson, Latrobe Valley Galleries
This is where Sharon works on her art, you will sometimes see art in the process of completion and many she has completed she is a versatile artist and has many different types, from pastels, watercolours, screen printing and some mosaics. She is a cat fan and has created art pieces and sourced some for sale, there are candles. It’s a lovely little gallery with lots of great gift ideas.

Traralgon Art Society

Queens Parade, Traralgon
Located in the old railway station, this space is open Mon-Wed-Friday (10 am-3 pm)
This space is run by volunteers, you can see local artists works in progress and completed artworks for purchase. (See more of Traralgon)
Check they’re open by calling Nola – 5174 1238, or Andreae 5197 7499


18 20, Queens Parade, Traralgon VIC 3844

Open Mon – Fri 10 am- 3pm (not Thursdays)

The entry way is filled with artworks, from talented local artists most of it is for sale. There is also a community garden, herbs can be bought for a dollar.

There is also a free library.

It’s a hive of creative activity. There is also a workshop there for people to fix small engines.

The VRI runs the Fifty Mile Markets in Morwell and Traralgon.


The Artisan Space

Ridgeway Road, Mirboo North (next to the Grand Ridge Brewery)
It’s a beautiful drive through the Strzelecki Ranges to this little shop that has 40 artists all types contributing works to the diversity of this great store. There is a gallery of artworks as well as displays of 3D artworks. This store was originally started by one artist, however, discovered it was better to share the space and it is a treasure trove of artworks. (Donations welcome)

Find your way to these galleries (outdoor art is below)

Latrobe Valley’s outdoor galleries 

Rutherglen Road, Newborough

Statues and murals in the street as you wander past Op-Shops, cafes, nurseries, butchers, chemist, newsagent, and music store. The music store has a statue on top of a man playing an instrument.

41 Buckley St, Morwell 31-41BuckleySt, latrobe valley galleries

A little laneway filled with paintings including a tribute to David Bowie.

80 Buckley St, Morwell

Another laneway with art brightening the walls


58 Hotham St, Traralgon

A laneway with a marvellous mural.


Commercial Road, Morwell

A work in progress as the space around it transforms into another great public space.

Waterhole Creek, Morwell

(Parking on the side street off the Princes Hwy, opposite MidValley or park at Midvalley and cross the Princes Highway)
The artwork depicts Aboriginal Culture in the local area by Ronald Edwards a talented artist. This is an easy walk, with so many great pieces to see.

Reserve St, Yallourn North

There are art works by the local school children attached to power poles and Monash Hall.

Phillip Parade, Churchill, Victoria

There is a beautiful mural

Main St, Yinnar

A historic scene is depicted on the old railway station building, there are other public outdoor artworks especially in the community garden just around the corner.

We could continue with nature’s art, but you’d think we were waxing poetic.



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