Moe – Yallourn rail trail

Moe Yallourn Rail Trail walkingThe full 8.5 kilometers of the Moe – Yallourn rail trail starts at Bennett St, Moe and finishes at Eastern Road, Yallourn.

History of the Moe -Yallourn rail trail

This rail line when in use as line serviced Yallourn’s industrial train diverting from the main line (still in use today) at Hernes Oak. During the 1950’s  the SEC planned to reclaim the land of the township Herne’s Oak redirecting the line from Moe.

views from Moe - Yallourn Rail trailToday a path that follows this historic train line that only twice carried passengers and one of those was Queen Elizabeth.

Moe Botanical Gardens to Lake Narracan via the Moe -Yallourn Rail trail

If you’re not into the idea of walking 8.5 kilometers. This walk starting from the fully serviced Moe Botanical gardens to Lake Narracan is only an hour easy walk. Both of these locations have toilets, parking, and picnic tables. The scenery here is great as the nature thickens and there is less between you and the mountain.

Great dividing range from Moe - Yallourn rail trailSurface of the Moe – Yallourn rail trail:

It’s been surfaced with fine gravel, over top of the large stones that used to go under the rails and planks the train trundled over. Rail trails are flat due to the gradient required by the trains that used to steam through. There is a historic bridge at the Moe Botanical gardens to walk over to commence (or continue) the walk.

There are some seats along the way – not regularly.

Emergency markers are spaced unevenly throughout the track however if you have an issue there are ways to mark your way keep an eye for those.

The views and photo opportunities:

The rail trail is adjacent to the backbone of the Great Dividing Range, the mountain is beautiful and has a changing face on any day you walk the trail. There are farmlets backing onto the trail with the cutest animals; cows, alpacas, sheep, and horses. The land and urban environment provide photogenic opportunities.


Sometimes the best views are hidden by the banks cut out that ensure the path has no steep inclines – so climb some to see what’s behind it.


The signs that tell you about the other places you can check out are artworks by children from the Albert Street Primary School. They add another element to this walk.


From the Moe – Yallourn rail trail you can access:

Ollerton Reserve

Old Sale Road, Newborough (near the roundabout close to the Moe Golf Course)

Boolarra Avenue