Past Tours

Haunted Hills Podcast originally commenced as a tour business in the Latrobe Valley, this is why there are past tours to see. Conducting ghost tours in Traralgon, – Rosedale, and Yallourn North, Victoria. Crime tours were run in Yallourn North and Rosedale Victoria. History tours were run in Yallourn North.

You can now listen to the stories share in those tours through our podcast, and many more narratives of other small towns will be shared.

Here are some youtube clips with interesting photos featured:

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This page features links to galleries of past tours undertaken by Haunted Hills Tours.

Tours were run between 13 February 2015 to 2018. It’s always been our mission to share more towns and more stories. Everywhere has a story because people lived there. People make the town. Even in death, they have stories to share, and some haven’t finished telling their story for themselves. This is when we experience ghosts. Then again some people won’t leave a place they carved out for themselves.