31st of October 2016 8pm – Rosedale Ghost Tour


On the 31st of October 2016, The township of Rosedale had geared up by 8 pm many people dressed in creepy outfits hit the streets. The lights switched on in empty shops and horror scenes played out.

Our tour booked out, many people were interested in the tour at 8 pm. Our tours are limited by spaces to ensure a quality experience. This is that everyone can hear and we can get around safely. Retelling local ghost stories is the main part of the ghost tour while showing participants the public places where these occurred.

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The wind had ceased by the time the tour reached Edward Crooke Park.


A swing swung the entire time we were there – it didn’t slow down. Photos showed orbs around it. This is a place we’d been told was haunted, that some people feel a presence watching them.


Gallery from the 31st of October 2016

Michael Spisto took photos that he has generously shared with us to share with you.

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Rosedale’s Halloween Town

We walked the streets on this the most haunted of nights with the axeman, the devil and more will be wandering there too. Horror was around every corner!

The Haunted House was spread out throughout the town, this worked really well. Earlier on in the night, there were actors walking the streets in their creepy outfits. There was food, local businesses handed out lolly bags and decorated their stores. It was a great community event, that enthralled many, even some of the local homes got in on the act. Decorations heralded their openness to participate in trick or treating.




The axe man


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