Things to do in Kilcunda including Powlett River

things-to-do-in-kilcunda-and-powlett-riverFishing and other things to do at Powlett River and Kilcunda

Mouth of the Powlett River

The Powlett River is a half hour drive from Phillip Island which you might like to use as a base and see more of our wonderful Country, or if you are unable to stay on the Island for events like the Moto GP staying about the Powlett River would be bliss.

An easy 100-minute drive out of Melbourne down the Bass Highway is all it takes to be in a gorgeous estuary where the river meets the Bass Strait. Take the canoe down for a paddle out in nature.

The Powlett River has been a hive of activity, catering to homemade raft races, tests of endurance climbing the sand dune, kayaking and fishing. There are lots of walking trails as well for those adverse to water. Toilets are located down a non- marked road before the bridge also this road gives you access to the sand dune without getting your feet wet.

From the Powlett River car park, you can walk to the beach alongside the Bass Strait. There can be very big waves, adhere to the signage for your safety. It is a really big stretch of beach with lots of sand – good for the invisible volleyball match or French cricket. Dipping your feet in the ocean or diving straight in.


There is a possibility to see Australian wildlife, in their natural habitat around the Mouth of the Powlett River. However take care on the roads just in case you have an up close and personal encounter with a Kangaroo or Wombat!

Things to do at Kilcunda

Kilcunda is a gorgeous coastal town, in the Bass Coast Shire. Located minutes away from the Powlett River, as you head back towards Melbourne or Philip Island.
There is plenty of things to see and do at Kilcunda.

Art Gallery: WildCoast Photograph

LOCATION : Cnr Bass Hwy and Mabilia Rd, Kilcunda.

OPEN : Winter/offseason Sundays/public holidays 12-4pm OR by appopintment.

Make your appointment today by contacting Tony.

Phone or SMS : 0412171535 or Email :

History and genealogy

Kilcunda’s cemetery is on the left overlooking the ocean. If you wanted to wander around and pay your respects to the people there, or plan out a plot for when you may need it. It is a really nice place to check out.


There are numerous coastal walks available even before you are officially in Kilcunda.

4271286_f520Photogenic places

The Kilcunda bridge, that train used to use is now a Wedding Photo hot spot. You can walk through to the beach and the car park isn’t too far away. One of the few beaches without a good ‘cardio’ workout to get to!

The Killy Pub is a great place to visit, good food, good atmosphere, great views!

Gliding at Kilcunda

The hills out the back of Kilcunda on a windy day in the right direction are great for remote control gliders.

4271265_f520Surfing at Kilcunda

Surfing at Kilcunda, rated by Surf Forecast as 3.5/5 – beware of rips, rocks and sharks.

Fishing at Kilcunda – Surf Fishing – Salmon is rumoured to be caught.

Local festivals

In January Kilcunda hosts a Lobster Festival it runs for one day, until all the Lobsters are sold or won. There are plenty of things to see and do, as the town drums up some extra activities.

4271273_f520Other things of interest

The Bass Coastal Trail follows the old train route through the Powlett River. The train tracks have been replaced with sand, a lot easier to walk on than the slats, metal and rocks, that train used with such pace.

If you drive past the caravan park continuing down the no-through road. You can see Wonthaggi’s Desalination Plant – if you like modern architecture.

Fishing at Powlett River

Fish readily available at the Powlett River for the catching –


Estuary Perch


Salmon swim up the stream in the right season.

A fishing licence can be obtained from most petrol stations that sell bait. In Victoria there are bag limits on how many fish you are allowed to keep. Catching and releasing is OK, providing the fish is looked after. There are also size limits. Please adhere to the bag limits for a fun, friendly, and inexpensive holiday.

Places to stay

The Powlett River Caravan Park, boasts of manicured lawns, with nice spacing between caravans for privacy. Located within reach of every little bit that nature has to offer at Powlett River. There is strictly no camping on the foreshore, you will need to book spaces at the caravan park on (03) 5678 7520

There are still signs for the Riversend Cottages – in nice bold blue however, they ceased trading in 2008. From what I could find they were eco friendly tourist accommodation.

Be mindful that there are private resident who live down here in this gorgeous little patch of Australia.

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