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The Rosedale crime tour, virtual or self-guided, may cover some of the same locations though we focused on the people. Step back in time and walk in their shoes. Not literally, I think shoe technology has come a long way in terms of comfort since then.

Imagine a dusty road, if it’s dry. If not its sludge the water doesn’t drain well. There are deep drains on either side of the road. A layer of dust coats the wooden boards you cross if its the afternoon, if it’s the morning you may imagine the shop keepers sweeping the path.

There is more greenery around. Horses snort and stamp their feet tied to the posts on the roadside of the path. A cobb and co. coach is passing not a massive truck.

Exchange Hotel

Rosedale Hotel

2 Prince St, Rosedale VIC 3847

Town Common

Along the Rosedale – Heyfield Road towards Winnindoo
Town Commons was directly North of  Rosedale established in 1866 containing over 1000 acres.

Rosedale’s Bunya Pine

60 Princes St Rosedale
This is taken from a video.
60 Princes St, Rosedale, Victoria – Gippsland.

This was the second location of the Doctors surgery from the crime episode.

The first place the doctor was was the corner of Lyons and Cansick St, which is Edward Crooke Park today about the location of the Pine tree there also.

Rosedale School

The school William Allen built in red bricks is in the Princes Street Reserve.

Holloway’s Mechanics

40 Princes St, Rosedale, Victoria (Gippsland).

The original building is not there. However, this was an important historic location in Rosedale.

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