Self guided tour

Take a self-guided or virtual Rosedale History Tour

Take a self-guided or virtual Rosedale History Tour.

Rosedale, Victoria, Australia is in the Wellington Shire Council region. The Latrobe River winds around it and an impressive ridge are to the North of the town. It’s a charming town to walk around and explore.

Enhance your self guided or virtual history tour of Rosedale

In this episode, your host Tegan Dawson shares the history of Rosedale.

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The Rosedale Historical Society has a self-guided tour map of the town that takes visitors around the towns historic buildings. There are plaques near the buildings to read while admiring the architecture and changes added over the years.

The Rosedale History tour, virtual or self-guided, may cover some of the same locations though we focused on the people. Step back in time and walk in their shoes. Not literally, I think shoe technology has come a long way in terms of comfort since then.

Imagine a dusty road, if it’s dry. If not its sludge the water doesn’t drain well. There are deep drains on either side of the road. A layer of dust coats the wooden boards you cross if its the afternoon, if it’s the morning you may imagine the shop keepers sweeping the path.

There is more greenery around. Horses snort and stamp their feet tied to the posts on the roadside of the path. A cobb and co. coach is passing not a massive truck.

Self-guided or virtual tour Rosedale History Tour

Rosedale’s Bunya Pine

60 Princes St Rosedale
This is taken from a video.
60 Princes St, Rosedale, Victoria – Gippsland.

We recommend you start at the Bunya Pine it is dying however at the time of writing this it is still there at 60 Princes St, Rosedale – behind the sign for Rusty’s Collectible Gallery. Opposite the old school and the Prince’s Reserve. There is usually plenty of parking in this area.

Rosedale School

The school William Allen built in red bricks is in the Princes Street Reserve.

The original school was opposite the Bakers house in 1867.

1867 ‘Advertising’, Gippsland Guardian (Vic. : 1855 – 1868), 7 September, p. 1. , viewed 11 Apr 2020


Victorian Rose Garden Tea Rooms Rosedale

42 Princes St, Rosedale, Victoria (Gippsland).

This is a lovely historic building, originally a home now converted into a cafe and information centre.

Holloway’s Mechanics

40 Princes St, Rosedale, Victoria (Gippsland).

The original building is not there. However, this was an important historic location in Rosedale.

Across Lyon’s Street the building there was where the Holloway’s Mechanics shop was.

Rosedale Mechanics Institute Hall

39 Princes St, Rosedale, Victoria, Wellington Shire Council area.

Today it runs as a performance and event venue. Which is not too far from the original purpose mechanics institute. Built by William Allen. There is also a Patreon episode about the architect who designed part 1 of this building.

London House, Freemason House, Court House and Police Station

28 Princes St, Rosedale, Victoria, Australia

This is a lovely building.

Keep heading down Princes Road. Towards the roundabout. Is where the pubs are.

Original school location

12-14 Princes St, Rosedale Victoria, Australia

Today is a car park probably for the best. It was advertised to be opposite the Bakery.

The Blacksmith’s was behind this also, on the Queen St side. However, it does not look like it is still there, as it was a forge.

Exhibition Hotel


Rosedale Hotel



Willow Park

At Willow Park, you can see the banks of the Latrobe River

Presbyterian Church, Rosedale

52 Queen St, Rosedale Victoria Australia

52 Queen St, Rosedale


St Mark’s Anglican Church, Rosedale

St Rose of Lima Catholic Church – Princes St, Rosedale

The Historical Society Building (the Oldest standing Council Building)

Rosedale Historical Society at the Corner of Cansick Street and Rosedale – Stradbroke Road.  Another building was on that site however by 1913 it needed to be rebuilt, which was one of the last contracts William Allen oversaw. The building today has had additions from since it was originally built. The walls facing the Stradbroke -Rosedale Road is the historic facade of the building.

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