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Repair rather than replace

Whether you’re trying to save money, the planet or learn a new skill by repairing your appliances. Sears Parts Direct is the online access point for genuine parts and accessory for every major brand – regardless of where it was purchased. For Haunted Hills – Small Towns Big Stories, listeners you can use the coupon code PD triple 2, 3 for 10% off any purchase, through the link in the description, that will let them know our show sent you.

Deep Discounts on Reconditioned Items at Sears PartsDirect, use a landing page, ends 12/31, use this link.

Avoid getting snowed in

Large Kitchen Appliances

Parts for dishwashers, compactors, and cooking appliances. Hover over the pictures for more details. Recently we fixed our dishwasher after we had let a metal washer in the base, which rusted out and caused leakage. For a small problem like that, we didn’t want to replace our great dishwasher we invested a lot of money in. So my husband got the parts, had a friend help him weld up the hole. He replaced the parts that malfunctioned due to the water damage, put in a brand new clean house. It works just like new – 10 years on.

Parts for Vacuum cleaners and sewing

If your vacuum isn’t picking up as good as it was, or someone cracked the case you could probably your brand here.

Parts for laundry appliances

Washing machines, you can get everything from bolts, motors to the drum.

Refrigeration appliances parts

The fridge is one of the most expensive and important appliances in the kitchen. Early on in my marriage, I thought turning off the power to the house while on holiday was a great way to save money. It wasn’t had to replace everything in the fridge and freezer. You’d find yourself in a similar position if your motor or fan breaks down. Look at repairing rather than replacing. If your fridge is sounding noisy might be a good idea to find a spare motor.

Table top appliances parts

Parts for small kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers, blenders, food processors – including the whip!

Window Air and Dehumidifiers parts

Spruce up clean up and keep your humidifier by getting the parts replacing it and keeping it functioning optimally.

Home Audio and video parts

Keep your home entertainment system for many years. Just find the replacement part.

Home office spare parts

Now working from home your home office is more important than before, but this is a bigger cost. Save some coin and repair it.

Car accessories

Pots and pans

Electrical and batteries

Heating and cooling parts

Is the furnace or air conditioner rattling? Look for the parts to replace it so you’re not left in the cold or heat. Replacing this large essential items are expensive.