Things to do in Loch, Victoria

things-to-do-in-lochOn this page, you’ll find things to do in Loch

Ever wondered what there is to do to in a small town population south of a thousand people, with no major shopping centre, no cinema? Well, Loch Village as it all and in panoramic views, stunning place of relaxation, with plenty of things to do. There are no legends of Loch Ness Monsters here but more than enough things to fill a weekend or more!

History of Loch

Historic Loch pioneered in the late 1800’s appropriately and affectionately known as the Garden Village. The name hitting the high notes, landscaped areas perfect for laying down on and watching the clouds roll by. Or sit in a peaceful place to watch the sunset in hills of South Gippsland. To draw in the scents of the flora all around.

Giant Gippsland Earthworm, things to do in lochLoch Village is located about 90 minutes from Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne.

Loch has experienced a boom and most people are attributing this to the South Gippsland Hwy bypassing Loch. Other towns have been bypassed and not experiencing the same boom.

Personally, I am actually more inclined to attribute it to the wonderful Loch Community Development Association. It is evident the LCDA is working very hard at creating a community.

I’d liken it to the fictional town of Stars Hollow in the fact they are creating town activities. In a truly Australian setting. Who else would think of a town-on-sale, that the whole town participates in? The town-on-sale is essentially a garage sale.

Fishing in Loch

Allsop’s Creek, isn’t renowned for fishing, however if you have been brought along for the antiquing and lovely country feel, Chuck a line in there might even be trout. Let me know if you have any luck or just some time out and general peaceful communal with nature.

Nature and creatures

A walking tunnel goes under the bypass, connecting the town. It has information on the Giant Gippsland Worm. Just one of the fun facts I read on it said “that you can hear the worm on wet days and it makes a gurgling sound as it burrows in to the ground”. This could be a fun activity, for those who love the gooey gross sounds that they make. If you find one, please remember they are an endangered species who have very fragile skin. It would be best if you didn’t pick them up, instead enjoy the little creature in it’s natural environment giving you a chorus of squishy noises.

skate-parkSkate park

Is located at Sunnyside park, just as you enter the town, you can burn some energy in the skate bowl and enjoy views of the rest of Loch.

It is a rather, a series of skate ramps, and takes up quite a bit of space.

Suspension Bridge

Just a after the tunnel with all the information about Giant Earth Worm’s across the Poowong- Loch Road, beyond the Cricket Ground, in the shady avenue of honour which shelters Allsop’s Creek is a Memorial Suspension Bridge with an Anzac Soldier, Digger at the other end, you can cross the Bridge to find out more about this Digger and pay your respects in the harmonious atmosphere.

Hilda Falls in Loch Victoria

This lovely waterfall, is just up the railway line from Loch Village, on Allsop’s Creek.
Camp down at the Cricket Ground, grab some sausages to put on the electric BBQ’s. Find some stumps and have yourself a cricket game. For only ten dollar’s per night it makes for an affordable holiday in a lovely place. Make sure you call the number on the sign for electricity and showers.

Check out the view from Cape Horn look-out at Loch

spindle, Check out the view from Cape Horn Look out at LochTry to spy the places on the spindle:

Wonderful wineries, sporting local wines, and spectacular views – such as The Gurdies Winery, right on the water.

Philip Island – I don’t want to sensationalise – but Oprah went there and saw the penguins. There is plenty more there to do, it gets really busy in summer as it is a very popular destination.

Kilcunda and Powlett River, 54 km, will take about 37 minutes to drive, and an ideal spot for some saltwater fishing opportunities.

Mt. Baw Baw is on this Spindle and is close (enough) to Walhalla and surrounding areas for it to be worth a mention even though it is 137.2 km from Loch Victoria.

Tarra – Bulga National Park, 80km’s from Loch, near Traralgon and part of the Latrobe Valley Waterfall drive.

Western Port Bay, a mere 14km, however, Shoreham, Victoria on the opposite banks of the bay is 87.1 km a 1 hour and 12-minute drive.
There are lots of touches around the town that show the Loch Community Development Associations input.
As a result of this, there is plenty of things to do in Loch, Victoria.

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