Travelling Gippsland in Lockdown 2.0.99

Victoria and Gippsland are in lock down again. Well essentially.

And that’s tough for tourism and travel.

Unless you let your ears take you on a journey to Gippsland.

It does give you plenty of time to discover Gippsland differently through the medium of audio.

Hear about Gippsland’s history, paranormal and true crime through each small towns. When you can come to visit or stay – you’ll have more to explore.

Haunted Hills history looks at the people who lived in the small towns, like the butcher, baker and candlestick maker. The essential people. This explores the past through their footsteps. Your ears can follow along. Take a vacation to a different time.

The paranormal looks at the regular people, who stayed beyond death for their own reasons. These episodes also explores the legends surrounding the small towns.

True crime is always interesting a jigsaw we want to solve. The small towns sometimes have murders, but mostly crimes – some that are no longer crimes.

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