Turton’s creek waterfall

Turton’s creek waterfall is on the Western boarder of the Turton’s Creek Reserve.  Established in 1984. with 161.3ha of beautiful lush bush located between Mirboo North and Foster.

The Traditional Custodians of this land are people of the GunaiKurnai Nation.

Accessing the Turton’s creek waterfalls:

Accessing the waterfall requires utilising unsealed roads, these aren’t four wheel drive tracks, and other thin sealed country roads.

Off Turton’s Creek Road – there is a sign and roadside parking. Once there a short walk will take to the top of the falls and the bottom of the falls, there are some steep parts, be careful and wear proper shoes. It’s not a long walk however conditions can make getting close difficult.

Facilities at Turton’s creek waterfall

Picnic table (at the top closest to the main parking lot.)

A fence.


Take a walk around

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The waterfall is beautiful all year round.

The photos were taken in January 2016. There are lots of different types of folige to photograph if you tire of the waterfall. The bush is home to Eucalyptus, mountain ash, and blackwood trees. If you’re lucky you might see some Australian animals in the wild.

Wren fill many a bush.

Fishing at the waterfall/creek

Your line might catch eels, blackfish and trout. Be careful not to snag a platypus. (The best times to see Platypus is in the morning or evening try further downstream from the waterfall. They like depth to hide. )

Swimming at Turton’s creek

Is possible – kayaking or canoeing is not.

You can camp for free near these falls

There are signs to the camping areas, make sure you stay in designated camping areas there are 8 sites.  If there is a space set up your tent, thee is no way to book.

No toilets at the campsite.

You’ll need water. (If you don’t bring it boil the creek water for a minimum of ten minutes.)

Fires are only allowed in the fireplaces built for them, and not at all during fire restrictions or total fire bans.

For more information about the waterfall and reserve or reporting issues:

Contact information

Who to contact: Parks Victoria 13 1963

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