Urban Originals

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My Urban Originals bag arrived

For me, I got a large greenish coloured bag, which will fit my laptop, promotional materials and other things I need for running around. From doing research at the Library to meeting with local business in promotion. All in style! (Photo coming).

Urban Originals

I absolutely love the Urban Originals designs. It helps my decision too that I know no animals were harmed in their making! And as an Australian, I’m proud of the team to bring quality bags. Whether your style is a backpack, crossover your body, handbags, purses or all of the above. There are many beautiful colours and from warm earthy tones to pastels and bold bright shiny. There are textured animal prints (we still love to represent them without hurting them!), with fringe or without.

Urban Originals

The bags are made with the highest quality vegan leather. Urban Originals is a social conscience company, working to care for the health and safety environment, customers, suppliers and employees.

Along with creating stunning practical bags, Urban Originals donates 10% to stop slavery human trafficking. This is awesome to have a company caring for animals and people.

Urban Originals

Urban Originals gives complimentary shipping on orders over $50.00 (Australian website.)

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