At Haunted Hills Tours we’re obsessed with waterfalls, the sound soothes the soul, it’s the epitome of nature’s power and beauty. This page will show you waterfalls close to us, photos we’ve taken and other waterfall souvenirs we love.

Gippsland has a landscape that lends itself to an abundance of waterfalls.

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The Latrobe Valley has four waterfalls you can access within a day trip.

Gippsland waterfalls

East Gippsland Waterfalls

Zeka Spur Track (4wd only track) has a waterfall across the track – there is also another waterfall visible from the track as you head down towards Wonnangatta Station.
Turton’s Creek, South Gippsland is the first three pictures here. Narracan falls is the fourth and fifth.
The bottom left is Morwell River Falls. You can purchase any of those pictures through the picture.
Gippsland waterfalls

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