When ghosts attach

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Ghosts attach themselves to people for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes a whole host of ghosts attach themselves to a person, this is usually a highly sensitive person who is most likely to be open to the spiritual and psychic ability.

In most cases ghosts attach to:

  • People they know (not willing to let go, unresolved issues, to provide information or to watch over).
  • People they want to know (for some reason they are intrigued, attracted, or dislike).

Some people may not notice that a ghost has attached themselves. They can live symbiotically for a long time never noticing more than an occasional presence or niggling memory.

A change in circumstances can shift the entity from a watchful presence into action for good or bad. Depending on their temperament.

An experience of ghost attachment told to Haunted Hills

I’ve heard a few stories of people who’ve lived in haunted houses with a ghost attachment. Some were aware of the ghostly presence but not fearful. Many find that when something changes the poltergeist behaviours heightens or commences. One of the stories I heard went as far as strangling a partner – thankfully it didn’t complete the job. It was a scary experience for all involved others experience things moving in the house, objects being thrown, others power disruptions light blowing. Sometimes changing your behaviour in the house, one of the stories I heard was a house where everything had to be shut. All the doors, cupboards and windows or else the ghost would torment and pull the covers off the bed until the things were shut. If shutting everything in your house cramps your style you might want to get someone in to help clean the house.

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Listen for more paranormal stories

In the Brown Coal Mine Ghost Episode – there is a story of a ghost attaching to furniture.

The Walhalla Ghost Episode is a traditional ghost attachment, with someone having nothing to do with the spirit, apart from attending a location it resided had the ghost attach. There are a number of experiences, but one staying for over a month.

Some are extreme cases and require intervention from a spiritual healer.

Although ghost attachments can also cause some mental disturbances, like nightmares, feeling harassed, affecting your emotions. Ghosts can even suck your energy to give themselves more energy and may be the cause of physical stress, tiredness. There also could be other factors at play, so be sure to get checked out by your doctor as well.

Unfortunately, with ghost attachment there is no ability to scientifically evaluate it. Which is why you should consider all the options first. Also remember any prolonged period of stress can play havoc with our bodies so it’s a good to have a checkup with your doctor.

By the way, the picture I used – before you use it as evidence, I have to confess, I couldn’t find any creative commons free pictures that had a “ghost hug” in them. This is a reflection in a window of a shop, by Timothy Krause. The full picture is below.

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