Crime in the Brown Coal Mine tour on the 16th of January 2016

Crime in the Brown Coal Mine is a historical tour of the crime around the Yallourn North area mostly prior to 1950.

On the 16th of January 2016, the Crime in the Brown Coal Mine tour finally took off. It was a lovely evening Yallourn North evening, as most are on the Hill. A group of five headed off to explore the history of Yallourn North through the lens of crime. The crime tours are more interactive, giving participants an opportunity to guess the penalties, which participants were able to see the difference between our current attitudes towards crime as opposed to how it used to be viewed. In saying that some of the tour participants began to put themselves in the shoes of those judges and juries and guessed some of them correctly, after getting the hang of the past thinking processes.

I was really happy with how the tour went, it was fun and engaging. Kevin Bechaz of Cinematic Randomness came along and wrote a review that you can read here.

Along with hearing about past crimes, the tour showed participants where buildings or places pertaining to law and order, including military installations.

Gallery of 16th of January 2016, Crime in the Brown Coal Mine Tour