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Haunted Hills Podcast

Haunted Hills podcast is about Small Towns Big Stories

Small Town No Matter what you do, someone always knew you would. Ami McKay the Birth House Haunted Hills Podcast
The Haunted Hills is a place where the hills rumble and cows won’t stay – it inspires us. The podcast is named after these hills as is our first episode. We have busted out of our small town with the medium of podcasting and reaching other small-town lovers. Our stories can entertain and inspire more people! Anyone can download a podcast and enjoy where ever they are, or if they have the nerve to listen on location. More stories of other small towns featuring their history, crime and paranormal are coming. While many will feature Gippsland because I love it and it is open for business. There are other small towns with just as fascinating histories. People love small towns, the community, the drama, and the scenery. Through this podcast, hopefully, you too will fall in love with small towns like we do.

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If you want to be part of the podcast, become a patron. Part of the bonuses of being a patron is you get to judge small-town crimes and get an extra shout out. Then I divulge how the past dealt with the crimes. The patrons receive the facts of the case then impose their judgements which will either be publicly shouted out or anonymously. Patrons can upload an audio file, or type the suggestion, and a faithful accounting in the audio.

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Patrons have the opportunity to be part of the show in so many ways. You will also be able to suggest places that inspire you. I’ll tell those stories too. For as long as I have been doing tours in small towns, people shared paranormal stories relating to big recentish local small-town crime stories wishing I would cover them. I always said I’d never cover them, but for patrons (in bonus episodes/ or exclusive content tiers), I will go there.

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The Haunted Hills Calendar will tell you when small town big stories podcasts came out and when to expect them – these are for the free release podcasts. The Patreon schedule is slightly different with early release and the addition of a bonus episode.
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The Haunted Hills are Melbourne’s access point to Central Gippsland.

You probably want to roll your eyes if you’re a local. The number 1 highway of Australia passes through here and a train line. Due to the swamp and these hills, the early settlers to East Gippsland preferred to board a boat and take a bullock team from Port Albert. It wasn’t until the railway went through in 1879 that Central Gippsland began to boom – which comparatively is quite late.

We love Gippsland and all the small towns and ghost towns. But we’re looking forward to sharing all the small towns with big stories.

The Haunted Hills is a ghost town located in the middle of Melbourne and Lakes Entrance along the Princes Highway, in the Latrobe Valley it is a great place to plan a stop.

Step out of the everyday and into a small town

About Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills Podcast developed from Haunted Hills Tours

Tegan Dawson is the writer and producer of Haunted Hills Podcast and previously was the small business owner and tour guide for Haunted Hills Tours. You might have met me on a ghost or crime tour in the Latrobe Valley – which is in Central Gippsland in the State of Victoria. Technically Rosedale, today is in the Wellington Shire, but at one stage Rosedale was the predominate Shire Council from there up to Narracan Creek which included Newborough, Morwell and Traralgon.
In 2015, I started telling the first of these stories as location-based tours in the small towns of Yallourn North, Rosedale and Traralgon. Every place has its micro-culture based on economy, employment and natural environment. Every city we operated tours in had its own culture, shown through history, crime, and ghost stories. All three of these story arcs reveal the towns in different ways but reveals the underlying ethos.
As I was doing tours, people shared anecdotal stories from other small towns. I saved these stories in the hope I could open more tours; it takes a lot of stories to create a whole tour. Now, I can tell stories about towns from all over the world sharing their history, crime and ghosts.

Why ghost stories?


Haunted Hills Podcast Paranormal Stories
I called myself a ghost whisperer instead of a tour guide. Not because I can speak to them but because it was more interesting – and I have kept that moving forward for the episodes all about small towns ghosts. Ghost stories allow remembering the forgotten. The tumultuous situations in which their lives ended required a lot of processes, then time forgot them. We all leave a mark on the world. I’ve had a personal connection to Yallourn even though I was born after it was closed to the public, my parents bought a three-bedroom weatherboard house from Yallourn and had it moved to Leongatha. The house wasn’t haunted, but being from a ‘town that doesn’t exist anymore’ indeed
haunted me. Yallourn is a small town with a big story I’ll be telling.

Why crime stories?

Haunted Hills Podcast True Crime


Crime has always been a part of society, unfortunately. Sometimes this is seen out of proportion in the criminals’ favour. In my research of crimes – which I generally look at crimes before 1950. Mainly because these are the times the other stories are relating too. It is interesting to see the differences or similarities in social conscience today. An overview of the true-crime of the area – are some areas worse than others or is it just about people being people?

Why history?


I prefer to call my history episodes, people of [insert town name] because the people make the town. Historically this focuses on the influential people, the buildings, essential dates in history, but not so much about the everyday people who changed the pans – supporting the health and safety of the community. The woman who advocated for coal capture in power stations to stop the constant stream of black snow falling on them—the people who lived good lives of civic duty without getting awards or accolades for their participation.
Of course, the powerful are there, and it makes sense to add their part when it comes up. The times and the other historical things impacted the communities but the most important aspect, I hope I show is that the people make the town.

Haunted Hills Values

  • Truth, revealing true historical events and genuine paranormal experiences.
  • Creativity continuing to develop and push the boundaries to excel in experiential tourism.
  • Respect is the platform that everything grows, from how the treatment of subjects and towns featured in the story.