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Haunted Hills creates narratives about small towns and is a great platform to advertise on. Small towns are filled with small businesses who have products and services to advertise.
That’s why advertising with us is a perfect way to work together.
I wrote these originally as tours for an age limit of eight years.
We don’t use expletives on the podcast.
Although, we do tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a creative woven story.

The benefits of advertising with us, Haunted Hills is:

  • We provide stories about small, big story towns that people want to hear
  • The bonus for you is – locals will listen to the podcast and people interested in travel or just curious about the area will hear about our small town and come and visit.
  • You set the time frame for your campaign.
  • You control your brand image; place your ads on stories you choose.
  • Pay for who actually heard your ad – this controls how much you spend.
  • Look at where your audience will hear be from.
  • In telling location-based stories I can set ads on a particular podcast for specific towns for a certain time or group them by Council, State, or all.

The benefits of advertising with a podcast:

  • Engagement – people put podcasts they love into their routine
  • Mobility – there are many ways people can listen, download, listen on the web, there are many platforms we are on. People are usually doing things while listening so are less likely to skip the ad – and with advertising repetition to the right audience is critical.
  • Selectivity – people choose their podcast, and they are more likely to listen all the way through
  • The average podcast listeners aged between 18 and 54 

What other people say about advertising on podcasts:

An article by Adweek, Company Bug, and Marketing SFGate.

The first lot of small towns planned are in the Gippsland area with a heavy concentration on the Latrobe Valley. There is space on the website for advertising as well.
If you’re a larger company with a long history in a small town, we are willing to create native evergreen content for you on our platform in the same style as our storytelling narrative.
Please contact us at to discuss your individual needs.

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