Virtual Tours

Haunted Hills Virtual Digital Tours

virtual or digital tour is a simulation of an existing location, storytelling through sound effects, music, and narration. Some of these tours use pictures and video. Haunted Hills focuses on telling you about the town we want to focus on what’s around you or more to the point – what was around you – history, crime and even some legends.

Haunted Hills now offers virtual tours

Download the tour and map, listen to the tour as you take yourself around.
These virtual tours take you around the town sharing new stories and pointing out places you may have heard on Haunted Hills podcast.

So most virtual tours are utilised by Real Estate Agents and Museums showing you a home or historical artefacts.

How it works

  • Choose a digital tour – of the town you want to want to explore.
  • Purchase.
  • Download the tour.
  • Download the map and other information
  • Go to the starting location.
  • Put at least one earbud in your ear.
  • Decide which path you want to take.
  • Or stay home and pretend you’re taking a tour.

Benefits of digital or virtual tours

Choose the starting and end time.

Each virtual tour will tell you how much walking is expected and how long the audio runs for. With this information is how you can choose the start and end time.

If it depends on the weather – you can choose when during your holiday it best suits you

Hitting pause gives you more time to explore. Stop and grab a coffee, or shop in between. Walking around the town can help you find the hidden gems – nobody knew you’d love.

You control the pace and method.

You can walk, jog, wheel, drive, or take the short cut or sit. However, you feel most comfortable you choose the method of getting around even if it’s just in your mind’s eye. Avoid crowds if you want to!

Historically Haunted Hills ran tours:

You might know that Haunted Hills started as a small business conducting tours – ghost tours. So by doing virtual tours we’re able to expand and share more stories with you. We’re based in Gippsland in things have been really challenging for our community. It’s a great place to visit, live and haunt. You can read more about Haunted Hills here.