True Crime Podcast

Haunted Hills true crime podcast tell a range of stories about real historical crimes

These true crime podcasts focus on small towns because each has a wide variety of crimes which are covered in each podcast.

True Crime Episode List

When Haunted Hills looks at crimes,
it is an interesting reflection on the past,
the values, timeliness, and sense of justice.
While patrons are able to play judge and jury we are not re-adjudicating these crimes
most of them occurred too long ago to be appropriate
however, these discussions create an interesting contrast of values.
The offences covered reflect the rural nature of our towns,
shedding light on some of the people we don’t usually talk about and what is and was considered criminal.

Why does Haunted Hills look at crimes and small towns

The reason Haunted Hills was interested in exploring crime in relation to the local towns is that part of the Haunted Hills Gippsland legend. Ever since the Haunted Hills were named people tried to find a corporeal reason for it, a favourite reason is that the criminals set up in the hills and sent the rumours around to stop people venturing too far and stumbling across a still or coin press.
When people are looking to move to a new area they are concerned about the safety of an area. Which is a necessary consideration safety and security are important. It’s part of the town’s story, to give an overview of the crimes committed in an area. What does it tell us about the towns? Are some towns more dangerous, do some towns deserve the reputation they have based on one incident?

Others have said:

How a society deals with it’s most vulnerable says a lot about that society (to paraphrase Gandhi, Hubert Humphries, etc). The stories are also a reflection of the times when being poor was a crime. “Every society has the criminals it deserves”  Emma Goldman. Are we the sum of our parts, what do our historical criminals tell us about the kinds of societies we had in Gippsland? All of the stories on the tour are from true local historical crime cases.

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