History of Gippsland

The history of Gippsland

Gippsland is named after the New South Wales Governor, Gipps. In the early days of Gipps Land, it was written with space in between the two words. It was difficult to access due to the Great Dividing Range to the North, Swamp and Haunted Hills to the West. Angus McMillan and Paul Strezlecki were two people who Governor Gipps appointed to investigate the land he named Gipps Land.

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Historical Posts about Gippsland

Through the following pictures, you will find out more historical information about towns and areas in Gippsland.

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The history of Haunted Hills Road

Conquering the Haunted Hills was vital to opening up Gippsland by road. In fact, you can’t go far in researching Gippsland without it tying back to the Haunted Hills.