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Small towns big stories

The Haunted Hills is a place where the hills rumble and cows won’t stay – it inspires us. The show is named after the Haunted Hills as is our first podcast. More stories of other small towns featuring their history, crime and paranormal are coming.
We’re turning Haunted Hills into a podcast. You can listen where ever you are, or if you have the nerve listen on location in a small town or ghost town. Podcasting gives us the ability to tell the stories of more small cities with big stories.

Haunted Hills Podcast on Patreon

When I ran crime tours of Yallourn North and Rosedale, tour participants played judge and jury. On Patreon you can be part of the show – you judge and sentence. Then on the podcast, I will divulge how the past dealt with the crimes. Patrons get the facts of the case to give their judgement, which will either be publicly shouted out or anonymously (your choice). Patrons can upload an audio file, or type the suggestion, and a faithful accounting will relay in the audio. There are already crimes to judge and sentence right now on Patreon.
As long as I have been doing tours, people have been sharing paranormal stories relating to big recent local stories and wishing I would cover them. I always said I’d never cover, but for patrons (in exclusive content tiers), on Patreon, I will go there. Until the 29 February 2020, you can sign up for free on Patreon. After 1 March you will have to pay upfront.
In addition to signing up right now on Patreon:
  • You can fully participate in all the activities
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On the 1 March 2020, everyone who pays for their level will forever be immortalised through a public post as our original funding patrons which means a lot to me! Your opinions and input will be highly valued despite your funding level because I can never thank the patrons enough for starting this ride with me.

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Social Media

We’re ramping up our social media – where you can chat along with me:
  • Twitter: @haunt_hills – focusing more on history and crime – there will also be funny things too.
  • Facebook: @HauntedHillspod – sharing ghostly stuff and tourism
  • Insta: @hauntedhillstoursgippsland – pictures you want to step into and lose yourself.
  • Patreon: Depending on your level, vote, exclusive content, fan request. You can give your input.

Music and sound engineering for Haunted Hills Podcast

I’ve partnered with Aaron Austin Music who will be doing the audio and sound engineering plus the creator of the music you hear.
Twitter: @AaronAustinMUS

Free release Haunted Hills podcasts with audio will begin to release on the 1 March 2020.

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