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 History Podcast: People create the culture and make the place

Haunted Hills history podcast focus on people. Meet the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker – today these are stand-ins for all tradespeople and hobbyists. Experience the small town differently.

Features of our history episodes

  • Learn more about Gippsland’s history
  • Heroes, pioneers and the everyday people
  • Greater insight into the culture of the time
  • Check out the post that gives you a virtual tour of the place

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Our History Ethos

I prefer to call my history episodes, people of [insert town name] because the people make the town. Historically this focuses on the influential people, the buildings, essential dates in history, but not so much about the everyday people who changed the pans – supporting the health and safety of the community. The woman who advocated for coal capture in power stations to stop the constant stream of black snow falling on them—the people who lived good lives of civic duty without getting awards or accolades for their participation.
Of course, the powerful are there, and it makes sense to add their part when it comes up. The times and the other historical things impacted the communities but the most important aspect, I hope I show is that the people make the town.
Yes, there are dinosaurs! Keep an ear out!
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Below is the calendar of Haunted Hills History Episodes

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Gippsland History

Settlers found Gippsland difficult to inhabit there was no easy passage from Melbourne. The drovers were about the only people who traversed this area prior to 1876 when the railway started work on North Gippsland Line. It took days. Today, Melbourne is about two hours from Central Gippsland.

Along with the Haunted Hills, another feature which made it impassable was the swamp between Koo Wee Rup and Moe. An Italian engineer helped drain the swamp showing great fertile land which attracted farmers. Originally, the Gippsland settlers came through Port Albert. Gippslanders had to rely on the boats and bullock drivers for transportation and supplies – this came at a cost. Many Gippslanders decided to make do.

More information about our history podcasts

When you look at buildings you can tell the period of design by looking at them. Once you’ve seen the work of architects who led those designs, you find it all over the place. A famous architect designed part of the mechanic’s institute in a Gippsland town. He also built a theatre on Bourke St in Melbourne. The theatre is no longer standing due to bankruptcy and fire, neither the fault of the architect. This architect has work still standing all over Australia and you never have to set foot in Rosedale to see it.

This is why the lives of the people who lived here, who passed by here, fascinate us. In a post on the website, we reveal the locations and what things used to be like when the people we discussed lived there.



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