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Haunted Hills Ghost podcast

The ghost podcast allows for remembering the forgotten people of small towns. Generally, the violent situations in which their lives ended required a lot of processes, then time forgot them. Some people’s idea of paradise is the place they carved out here, and they don’t want to leave. They all left a mark on the world.

Haunted Hills Ghost Podcast, episode list:

The first episode – Haunted Hills contains history, crime and ghosts – it’s the foundational episode that explains the interest in exploring towns via three topics. The rest are ghost episodes.

Features of our ghost story podcasts

  • Discussion of locations that have experienced the paranormal before
  • Real, local ghost stories

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The ghost podcast discusses to public places people have experienced the paranormal before, with a host who informs you of these experiences, the long-forgotten secrets of the town.

Share your feedback, tips or stories with us

All we need for creating great stories is an internet connection, astral plane and you!

Take yourself on a self-guided tour or virtual tour

Paranormal experiences aren’t guaranteed. You will discover fascinating things about the towns through the storytelling. We love hearing people’s experiences, and it’s incredible when people who attend confirm the stories. One way we confirm that the stories were past paranormal experiences.

If you do take yourself on a self-guided tour, we recommend you wear good walking shoes and bring a bottle of water. Beware of the conditions of the day. Please slip slop slap (protect yourself from the sun).

Believing is not a requirement for enjoying the episodes

When these ran as tours, many people have attended for a variety of reasons. Some had experienced the paranormal and are looking for more experiences. While others enjoy the stories and ambience of the walk. The lingering ghosts reveal different aspects of the small towns.

Why I tell ghost stories

Firstly the reason these stories are so crucial because ghosts were people once.
It’s fascinating to learn about how they lived what they did. Their lives give us a glimpse into the lives of the regular people in these towns. You don’t have to believe in ghosts to enjoy the narrative. Not all spectres are fearsome and angry,  some want to communicate, after all, they were people. It’s not as though death steals our humanity usually the circumstances of life or choices we make do that.

Ghostly experiences

There is a wide range of phenomenon relating to paranormal experience for some it is a loved one returning after they’ve passed away, some don’t see them but experience scents or electrical disturbances. Read more here.

Past tours

Initially, these episodes were tours between 2015 – 2018. As a result, there are a lot of images and experiences you can read:


Waiting for more of our ghost episodes to drop? More paranormal or weird stories are waiting here.

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