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crime-tours-1history-tours-2tours-for-kidsThe ghost-and-crime-trifold-brochure-3Haunted Hills were Melbourne’s access point to Gippsland by land.

In this spirit, Haunted Hills Tours  provides greater access through our stories and local knowledge. We love Gippsland.

The tours give you so many more places to check out.

Even locals are amazed at the things they learn about their own area.

Walking is a great way to slow down and unwind.

It’s great for the body and mind.

Located two hours from Melbourne along the Prince’s Freeway, it is a great place to plan a stop.

Step out of the everyday

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History Tours

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Crime Tours – be judge and jury


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Ghost Tours – Haunting stories

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Haunted Hills Tours are story based

The Haunted Hills are located on the Eastern side of Latrobe City, just after Moe. The Haunted Hills boast a story unique to our area alone.

It has a rich history affecting towns as far as Lakes Entrance and the snow fields.   The haunted hills was the main land route from Lakes Entrance to Melbourne. Travelers were forced to take the highroad due to the swamp between Koo Wee Rup and Moe. The swamp was drained after the railway was put through the haunted hills in 1879.

The Haunted Hills has a ghost story, some say this is a criminal conspiracy.

This inspires our business because of the richness of the stories

Focusing on stories, helps us share Gippsland with participants in entertaining ways.

The people take precedence in these stories.

History tours

At Haunted Hills Tours we call history tours, tours about the people of the local towns.

We approach history differently because we believe it’s the people that make the place.

These people give an insight into the history of the towns while telling of the places and buildings.

Real crimes stories

Haunted Hills Tours crime tours tell a range stories about historical real crimes.

On these tours, participants are asked to play judge and jury….

before discovering how the past dealt with the crimes.

Real ghost stories

A Haunted Hills Tours Ghost Tour is a guided walking tour.

Going to public places people have experienced the paranormal before.

With a tour guide who informs you of these experiences, the long forgotten secrets of the town.


Walking tours for kids

Walking tours for kids involve stories, dancing, chants and parks. We call them park hops.