Tragedy on the Latrobe River (explicit)


This is a radio play containing strong language. Two voice actors take you through the days before and after Catherine’s 1924 murder.


This is a radio play containing strong language.

In 1924, Catherine was discovered murdered in her one-bedroom weather-board home on a lot down near the Latrobe Valley. Her son-in-law found her. Catherine and Albert were on the outs, in fact, her daughter had left him moving into Melbourne with her sister.
This script fictionalises the last day of Catherine’s life and her thoughts on the days after her murder. The story is told through the two voices. She starts to haunt Albert because he is lying to the community
Voice acting by Tegan and Aaron
Sound Engineering Aaron Austin Music
While researching the Yallourn North Ghost Tour in 2014 – 2015, I came across a mysterious death listed in 65 words, they only used her last name and focussed on her age far more. I had to find out more. This is a result of my feelings about this research.
This is an example of a fictionalised account of a true-crime story.

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