Poltergeists and pushy ghosts

Firstly be careful: Whilst most poltergeists appear mischievous it’s best to get professional intervention as soon as possible, priest, church leader, medium, spiritual healer. Some people have successfully negotiated to live peacefully with poltergeists.

The term poltergeist is a German word literally meaning noisy ghost. Not all people who deal with poltergeists, ghosts, residual haunt, haunted, active haunt, messenger, spirit, orb, animal ghost poltergeists consider it a ghost, as it rarely forms an apparition, and may not be a spirit of a loved one who’s passed. A poltergeist is rarely caught on film as though they’re using energy on affecting the natural environment over being visible. There are shadows or distortions on some that look more authentic.

I’ve been told stories of things going thump while nothing is disturbed through to water running down walls, and other poltergeist symptoms in between. Commonly attributed poltergeist activity is on a still night windows rattle, doors slam or things open or move with no reason.

Levitation as a symptom of poltergeist activity

Levitation is attributed to poltergeists made famous through the “Enfield Poltergeist” , where two police saw an arm chair levitate, the looked for wires, magnets and every other thing they could think of and couldn’t find a reason, however couldn’t proceed with an investigation as no laws were being broken. Many ghost hunters visited the house and the girls sometimes played pranks on them however they also were unable to explain the other symptoms. They saw things moving on their own, like the girls mother who was in the girls room the night the dresser moved across the room blocking the door. The mother ran to it, it rammed into at first and then she pushed it back in place. Skeptics believed the children were playing pranks, however too many people had consistently inexplicable experiences in the house, and as such the house is considered truly haunted.

Here’s a playlist of poltergeist clips from YouTube:

Poltergeists seem to mostly be mischievous, but it is serious and you should seek some form of help. As one of the theories about poltergeists absorb energy, so use less energy, keep calm and seek help. However lately a lot of footage is collecting with pushy ghosts. Literally on CCTV people are falling over and there is no or some distortion and they fall as though pushed.

There has been very few reported symptoms of hauntings in those areas although some are hotels and it may not be good business to accept the signs. Also it would be difficult to know if it is a ghost someone brought in or if it was one that always was there or a haunted object.

Do you have any theories why pushy ghosts are cropping up or are all these fakes and people really good at falling?